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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 9, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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firefighters the last thing they want to do is run out and take care of a brushfire. clear skies and a breeze will pick up later on. but they are light at this current time. 65 degrees at reagan national. 57 leesburg and winchester looks nice. annapolis is 63 and the day at a glance, 79 for a high and believe it or not a couple of degrees cooler for a high tomorrow with sunshine to boot. that's good news. i know angie has good news, too. a lot of green cars on the map. >> that tells us everyone is moving at speed. thank you so much, tom. we are kicking off the 6:00 hour and only one report of an accident to tell you about. this is north frederick avenue at montgomery village avenue. you want to be careful heading that way. we are also tracking your outer loop and want to show you the conditions out there. but first to 66 and show you we are slowing down from 50 to 123. the good news no incidents or accidents along the way. switching the shot over and take you to the capital
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beltway. the outer loop is filling out between university over to georgia avenue. and 395 is how we will wrap it up from duke to seminary starting to slow down. minor delay but that, andrea, is building. back to you. at the top of the hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. more endorsements for baker. he is running for prince georges county executive. former county executive will announce their support later today. a report coming out today will show our roads are safer. the number of people killed on the nation's highways is at the lowest level since 1950. the transportation department points to seat belts, air bag and a drop in drunk driving. the jewish holy day of rosh hashanah is underway. it is known as the jewish new year and goes through sunset tomorrow. also today, fairfax county police will step up their search for an attacker. a man assaulted a woman at a bus stop just over 24 hours
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ago. kristin fisher is live in franconia with more on the story. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. this attack took place at 4 listen 30 a.m -- 4:30 p.m. yesterday. it is now a half hour later and you can see how dark and empty the streets are at this time of the morning. this attack was attacked at the bus stop behind me. she was 23 years old, just standing there when a man approached her, grabbed her from behind and sexually assaulted already. shortly after the victim was found by a jogger flagged don't by an officer. police say the 23-year-old fought back and was taken to a hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries now the search is on for the suspect. the victim wasn't able to get the best i.d. while she was fighting him off but police describe him as a hispanic male between the ages of 25 and 35. he is heavy set and wearing a white t-shirt and tan cargo pants at the time of the
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attack. >> it is creepy. i can't believe it happened so close to home. >> i can't believe it happened right in the open by a bus stop where people catch buses. >> to think someone could be lurking in the neighborhood it's upsetting. >> reporter: it is certainly a shock for many residents in this neighborhood and also many people have to wait at this very busy bus stop. now, police, fairfax county police were here earlier this morning handing out pieces of paper with the suspect's description, asking anyone who is driving around at this time of the morning if they have any ready who the man might be. if you have any information in the case, you are asked to call crime stoppers an the phone number is 866-411-tips. andrea? >> before you go, kristin, have fairfax county police been working other cases similar to this one in that area in. >> no, andrea, not in this immediate area. they say that this, especially an attack at that time of the
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morning is very rare along this stretch of roadway. but no, they are not experiencing or investigating any other incidents like that at this time. right now they are really focused on figuring out who did this to this 23-year-old woman. >> we see the traffic picking up behind you. hopefully someone will remember something and call the number you game gae earlier. in the district one woman is fighting for her life and another injured. they were struck by a car that went in to crash in to a restaurant. it happened last night at the intersection of 18th street and florida avenue in adams morgan. after striking the two women in their 20s the car crashed in to the karen restaurant. neighbors say the intersection where the accident happened can be confusing. >> you have three or four different directions of lanes, and i think it might be -- we might need to look in to having it redesigned or make it easier for drivers to navigate this
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intersection. >> reporter: though one inside of the restaurant was hurt. it was closed at the time. the driver of the car refused treatment and was taken in to police custody. the plans by a florida church to burn copies of the koran are disgraceful and un- american. the anniversary of the devastating terrorist attacks on 9/11 should not be marked with an act of hatred. book burning is the action of fascists. the koran should be treated with the same respect as the bible and torah. those are the comments we have been receiving and hearing from across our country and our area. and politicians on both sides of the aisle are speaking out again today. they are against the florida pastor and his plans to burn copies of the koran on september 11th. sarah palin called the move a incense ty and unnecessary provocation. she equates it to the plan to build an islamic center near ground zero.
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senator mikulski calls it disgraceful. the democrat says "the anniversary of the devastating terrorist attacks of 9/11 should not be marked with an act of hatred. the koran should be treated with the same respect given to the bible and the torah." things are getting crowded at bwi marshall airport in maryland and that's a good thing. this past july the airport set a record, more than 2.17 million passengers came through bwi. the airport says the boost was mostly driven by southwest airlines. it operates the most number of flights at bwi and saw an 11% increase in passengers over last year. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here and you have new details about keeping us safer while traveling. >> that's rye right. the question how tired are the pilots at the controls of the plane? pilot fatigue was cited in a crash that killed 50 people a year and a half ago. since then the faa has been
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promising new ruling governing the hours pilots will be allowed to work and they are on the verge of proposing the changes. current rules say the pilots can be scheduled up to 18 hours on duty. that means being at work to fly and 8 hours of flight time in a 24 hour period. luxury airliner open skies is so confident about all business class service to paris if you don't like the new service you can get the money back. the airline is promising to refund unsatisfied customers the fare, minus taxes and fees the lowest fares start at $1,500 round trip. the love everything or pay nothing guarantee is good until november 30th. more tourists visited the washington area this summer but they didn't stay as long in town. the federal reserve's survey says it is sign of the economic times. local tourism picked up but spending lower than in the
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past. washington is often considered a good budget vacation because so many things you can do are free. >> exactly glum that's part of the trend. the national mall has free wireless internet now. local government and the federal partners are making it available from third to 14th street on the mall. the private company cisco donated hardware and level 3 donated internet services. they say the free wi-fi will improve the mall for people visiting the many museums and memorials some like jessica just mentioned. it is 8 avenue the hour. -- it is 8 after the hour. gray tells us why he is running for mayor. >> i have been convinced a listening time that the leadership style of the mayor was not conducive for bringing the city hear. >> hear his thoughts on keeping police chief lanier. right now a focus on maryland's weather and traffic beginning with tom sater.
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>> maryland looks great, virginia, too. the entire region. run through the numbers for you. these are for maryland and numbers will get cooler in to tomorrow. but what a great way to start the day. start in the 40s in garrett county and deep creek lake. you can see how the numbers improve somewhat. i think we will be struggling in more to see an 80-degree mark. it is possible. one or two may be with us but the numbers are fantastic. as with look at the next couple of days, tomorrow will be even a couple of degrees cooler than today. and we have sunshine to boot. absolutely delightful. angie, how about the maryland roads? >> a traffic alert that comes from upper marlboro. thank you, tom. right now the report of the accident is at ritchie-marlboro road. please be careful heading that way. now live to colesville road where it meets university. tracking the head lates. they are moving at speed. and here's 355 and shady grove. lanes are open for business at this intersection here.
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this morning 9 news now sits down with vincent gray. he is the front runner the race for dc mayor. gay sat down in his home in southeast with his son and daughter for an exclusive peru with our bruce johnson.
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>> we have warned our supporters and workers. >> reporter: from his home in southeast, surrounded by his adult daughter and son carlos, they he talked about why he wants to be mayor. >> i have been convinced for a listening time that the leadership style of this mayor was not conducive to bringing the city together. >> reporter: black voters abandoned fenty for gray. white voters remain silently behind the young mayor. how do we become one city. >> you get out and work with people. the more people get to know me i think they will realize i'm somebody who sees the importance of working with everybody. >> great job. >> reporter: if gray wins rhee is almost certain to leave and then what. >> i am committed to continuing the path of education reform and i will lack for a person who brings one quality of education reform but also somebody who can work with people. >> reporter: do you agree with the firings of these teachers?
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>> any teacher who had a good performance evaluation should be eligible to come back. that's the way a rif works when it is for budgetary reasons. if there are teachers that can't perform they should not be brought back. >> reporter: kathy lanier. >> 19% of our police officers live in the district of columbia. i want to more aggressive pursue community policing and get more police officers though street. >> gray charges that while his demeanor was bad, the mayor's policies, programs, lack of diversity in his appointments is what caused him to lose support among african- americans. >> the failed employment policies. the issue of affordable housing, yet we have 28,000 people on a list waiting for housing. our university is basically been treated with hostility by this administration. you look at charter schools.
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there's no pertive between charter schools. >> i work hard and he can work. >> their mother a dc schoolteacher passed away some years ago. they are volunteers in their dads campaign. >> i have a free pass. >> bruce johnson, 9 news now. >> the newest poll shows chairman gray leading fenty is clarus. this thursday morning here's what is in the news now. congress should vote in two weeks on a bill to help 9/11 first responders. it would assist them with health care costs. the original bill was rejected in july. this morning the wildfire near boulder, colorado is just 10% contained. that is some progress in tackling the 6200-acre fire. 3500 people have been evacuated. this scene is being retreat peeteed across texas. crews are rescuing people from
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floodwaters. the remnants of hermine are pounding the states from austin to dallas. tom sater is in for howard bernstein. it shows you it doesn't have to be a hurricane to cause that severe damage. >> caught them off guard a bit. they were expecting four to six inches and it doubled, not mention the twisters in dallas, too. that is making its way to the missouri valley and before you know it hopefully we can get that here. it may come around game time for the redskins. we need it. we are looking at a deficit. we mentioned at the top of the hour how we are looking at rainfall. the need of rainfall that is. many locations are now categorized as extreme drought in maryland and virginia. ly show you a map on that in a minute. for the year, over 21 1/3 inches. nothing for this month and already an inch behind just for september. so that gives us a december of six inches. back in june and july, the u.s. drought monitor, which is on a
6:16 am
broad scale. takes a look at rainfall amounts and heat and things like that. the excessive heat. the dc area, actually for the metro area was categorized as having a moderate drought but then the severe weather came in and started to improve in the metro area in to prince georges, montgomery county and baltimore and northeastern maryland but then an extreme category was entered in to the picture here with all of the heat we have had in areas of culpeper and orange down to fredericksburg and the lack of rainfall, extreme drought conditions. we had a red flag warning yesterday because the winds were picking up in speed. that has been lifted. however, be careful. no burning of brush out there. breezy conditions today. look at the sky. nothing but sunshine. we get late saturday, partly cloudy, our next chance of needed rainfall really won't enter the picture until sunday. possibly overnight on saturday in to sunday but 65 degrees, very nice. notice this, cumberland, 50,
6:17 am
dark blues as mentioned earlier, nothing says autumn like football and frost advisers. we may be finished with the 90s. before the front moved through yesterday we hit 96 degrees. it was not a record. the record 100. but dulles tied a record high at 93 yesterday. then the front moved through and it became dry. overnight tonight, clear, cool and crisp, the winds diminish. a little strong today. 10 to 15 miles an hour and then pick back up and wrestle again tomorrow but still northwesterly and the air remains dry. yesterday at 4:00 in the afternoon we had 12% humidity. unbelievable. you can see the rainfall. that's from hermine now makes its way in to missouri the ozarks there. that will be sliding across the ohio valley and knocking on our door for sunday. here's the front from yesterday. the front continues to make its way off shore. no chance of rainfall.
6:18 am
that stays as as far as scattered showers up in new york and in to new england. and then we will watch the picture as we start to get a better chance. the next seven days, beautiful conditions, 79 for a high today. the average high is 81. we will see 82 on saturday. increase in cloud cover. there's the rain on sunday and another front cools us down and dries up for monday, tuesday and wednesday. absolutely fantastic. >> can't mess with that. thank you, tom. right now the time is 6:18. overall in good shape across the viewing area. we want to take you out to sky 9 and show you our eyes above the roadway on the inner loop ramp to access route 4. we have a disabled truck on the side of the road forcing drivers just to squeeze by on the shoulder on the left side. looks like a tire fell off. so could be some time before they are able to get this big thing out of the roadway. meanwhile, expect delays trying to access route 4 coming from the capital beltway specifically on the inner loop. the outer loop in maryland where things are slowing down.
6:19 am
no incidents or accidents along the way here between new hampshire over to georgia. the beltway in virginia, no accidents out this way, but we have some congestion building between braddock road and gallows. back to andrea. our time is 6:19. legal experts in loudoun county wonder if lawmakers will soon face another constitutional challenge. the county board of supervisors voted on wednesday to once again allow holiday religious displays in front of the county courthouse. in previous years, there was a nativity scene, menorah and prayers. the board member miller was the only nay vote saying it opens the door to unwanted groups. >> i don't want any witness or juror to walk in the courthouse, pass a sign that says merry christmas to the white christians of loudoun brought to you by the klu klux klans. what we have authorized today will allow that.
6:20 am
not everyone gets off for columbus day in october but metro will use the holiday weekend for major track work. it will close the mcpherson square and farragut west stations. it will close on friday, october 8th through monday october 11th. there will be no train service op the orange and blue lines between foggy bottom and federal triangle. last columbus day, ridership was down 50% from a normal weekday. it is 6:20. the nfl season kicks off tonight with the super bowl winning champion saints and the vikings in new orleans. while the redskins are gearing up for sunday night's big rivalry game with the cowboys. brett haber has a preview in three óó
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the pit the the ongoing haynesworth saga with the redskins is the fact it detracted attention from what should be the most exciting week for fans, not only opening night but opening against the cowboys. dallas won the nfc east last year but more importantly around here they beat the redskins twice last year and allowed washington just six points total in those two games combined but sunday the start of a new era. the shanahan mcnabb era and they want to start by making a statement against their most- hated enemy. >> it is good to start off with a bang. we got some boy on week one that will bring it. we will have to match the intensity, if not greater. >> they are going to give us all they got and i know we will give them all got. i am pretty geeked. >> we are all pretty geek. moore and riley didn't participate. they are likely out for the
6:25 am
weekend. mcnabb with the ankle, sellers with the knee are listed but participated fully on wednesday. >> the walking wounded send night. still to come, hear from a supporter of the man who took hostages at the discovery building. a ride on bus bursts in flames. we will show you the amazing video and picture postcard for today. how long will it last night find out when 9 news now returns. my grandparents, they had a huge garden, with tomatoes and cucumbers and green beans. nothing beats the taste of fruits and vegetables in the summer.
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why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at the sights and sounds of cirque du soliel. it opens tonight but the media got a peek last night. it will be here through october 24th. and if you haven't seen cirque du soliel. >> one of the greatest live events. >> i know. >> angie saw it last night. >> yeah. her first time so i know she was wide eyed. >> we have a special forecast. fantastic. only happens once if a while. we had it last weekend and it was delightful. we did it again today, tomorrow in to saturday. how about this, wonderful
6:30 am
refreshing air. skies are clear. we had a cold front move through but it moved through late in the day and we were able to warm up to 96. not a record at reagan national but 93 was a record. it tied it at dulles and went back to 2007 in 1985. the numbers are responding to the cooler air. i think it will be a couple of degrees cooler tomorrow than this morning but the numbers are fantastic. if you look at the day at a glance, yesterday 98. how about 79. what a difference. and the air will stale remain dry. yesterday at 4:00 in the afternoon, humidity dropped to 12%. like the middle of winner with the heater and furnace going all winter long. this will be nice. winds from the northwest 10 to 15. the only blemish in the weather forecast today. how about the traffic? any blemishes on the roads. >> we are focusing in maryland because that's where the traffic alerts are popping up here. a live shot at 355 and
6:31 am
montgomery village avenue. this is the site of an accident involving police activity. they are out there directing traffic and it is a causing -- and it is causing quite a backup. so until they get this thing cleared we are dealing with lingering delays. may want to leave early if this is your route. take you to sky 9 and show you the view from above. the same situation on the inner loop ramp trying to get to route 4. a disabled tractor- trailer here or truck. lost a tire. person on the side of the roadway waiting for help. meanwhile, it is a big squeeze on the left shoulder trying to get to route 4. next take you to inbound new york avenue. no incidents or accidents out this way but you are slow making your way from the times building to florida avenue. we will wrap it up with 66 eastbound. delays are 234 to 28 and again 50 to nutley. now, over to andrea. >> thank you. this morning fairfax county police are looking for an
6:32 am
attacker someone who went after a woman while she waited for a bus. this happened just over 24 hours ago. the bus stop is along franconia road at la vista drive in fairfax county. kristin fisher is live with more on the story. >> reporter: fairfax county police have been in and out of this area throughout the morning, and what they are doing is stopping drivers who pass by this bus station just behind me and they are giving them this. a sheet of paper with a description of the suspect and the crime. here's what happened. 4:30 yesterday morning, a woman, 23 years old was waiting at this bus stop behind me when a man approached her from behind. he grabbedder will and sexually assaulted her. after the victim was found by a jogger and that person flagged down an officer. the 23-year-old was take on the the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. now the search is on for the suspect. now, police are describing him as an hispanic male between 25
6:33 am
and 35 years old. he has a stocky build and wearing a white t-shirt and tan cargo pants at the time of the attack. >> anyone who is out early morning or late at night need to take precautions. >> it is scary because we go out all times of day or night because of our jobs and to think someone is lurking in the neighbor is upsetting. >> reporter: so certainly this recent incident has people in the neighborhood on alert. police are asking everyone to be cautious if you are walking in the area when it is dark out until this man has been caught. if you have any information in this case, police are urging you to call the crime stoppers hotline and that number is 1- 866-411-tips.
6:34 am
investigators say flames broke out in the engine of the rear of the ride on bus. crews spahned to the fire yesterday in silver spring. everyone on board the bus was able to get off safely. the cause of the fire is under investigation. that location is near the discovery headquarters, where another man is staging an environmental protest. walt ray walked up and down the street with a sign reading "james lee was right. " he is the protester that took three people hostage last week. police shot and killed him. he says he believes lee snapped when people wouldn't listen to his message. >> he was simply at the end of his rope and he wanted to make his point to a world that will not listen. will not listen. and the world should not listen to me. >> it is crazy. >> that is scary. >> asking for your attention. >> he said he read lee's manifesto and found much of it
6:35 am
to be accurate. today is the last day to vote early in maryland's upcoming primary. primary day is tuesday. thousands of people have cast their ballots. the early voted started on friday. today you can cast your vote 10:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. to learn where the voting sites are go to and visit the maryland news page. democrats in richmond are skeptical about governor mcdonnell's plan to privatize liquor sales. wednesday the republican released his plan. he wants to sell the state's 332 abc stores. then the commonwealth will auction off 1,000 liquor licenses. the money will go to highway congestion relief projects. >> i have always been sort of a -- in favor of privatizing wherever it can be done but it has to be able to save money and then turn those funds back to in the community. i'm not sure i see how that will happen yet but if that is what will happen i think it is
6:36 am
a good idea. >> reporter: the governor dropped the idea of taxing restaurants anbars. >> jessica doyle is back with another living smart report. and bad news for something near and dear to all of our hearts. >> so many of us have to wake up early and rely on it. put down the channel 9 coffee mug. prepare yourself for the bad news coffee addicts. coffee prices are way up. a 18 year high in trading yesterday. prices surged 43% and that is translating in to higher prices at the supermarket. james smucker hiked prices 9% last month on folgers, dunken doughnut and millstone green mountain plans to raise prices on k cups 10 to 15%. starbucks for now says i will absorb the added costs. several workers went on strike. they were protesting working
6:37 am
conditions in the dining halls. the "washington post" reports that union officials point to injuries such as a worker who had her finger severed on a meat slicer and they say protective equipment such as gloves may have prevented injuries. they say safety is a priority and they are committed to investigating an solving any worker issues. google picked up the pace on the search engine. it is rolling out the google instant. it will display results as you type in the request. it could save up to five seconds per search. they say it is psychic. it can federal government out what you are thinking before you before you think it. producer dan has been trying it out and hates it. we will see how people feel. metro will get a check from uncle sam to pay for snow removal last february. fema will reimburse met toe $1.76 million. that's on top of the millions
6:38 am
metro got for last september's storm. of course metro could like even more money. it says the twin blizzards cost the agency $12 million in snow removal on top of all of the lost revenue. so, should we expect another rough wenter in the coming months? in six minutes predictions from one expert source. we will go inside of the old farmer's almanac and see what it sees for 2011 2011. i'm so excited it is like the new phone packs are here. we focus on virginia. remember the jerk, fantastic. look at the must be numbers are -- look at the numbers responding. the cold front is in southeast virginia. so as it continues to push off away off shore the numbers will respond as cooler drier air moves in but it will be nice. yesterday dulles tied a record
6:39 am
at 93 degrees, a record high going back to 2007 in 1985 but as you look at the time zones here you will see temperatures struggle to get to 80. thereby a location or two that may be scratches, 80, 81 degrees but a couple of degrees cooler for virginia tomorrow. great news there. angie, what's going on? >> sounds wonderful to me. not much in virginia as we focus on your roadways. route 7 through the tysons area, all is a go out here. no incidents or accidents. we are also tracking columbia pike where it meets george mason drive. check it out. the lanes are pretty much wide open here. a great commute through the arlington area making your way toward it. and flying the dulles toll road, moving at speed from the greenway to reston. we are watching a little volume pick up approaching the toll plaza. it is 6:39. happy thursday, everybody. you are watching 9 news now. stay with
6:40 am
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welcome back. as we know this has been a wild crazy year weather wise between blizzards heavy snow oppressive heat so what can we expect in 2011, predictions from the expertses a the farmers almanac is joining me in the studio. janice, welcome. >> very excited. >> this is the oldest published periodical in northern america. >> it is amazing. >> i have been been there all that time. >> i was going to say you look really good. >> i was going to say this is the bible for farmers who say if you don't plant your potatoes by the moon. >> starting or ending a diet,
6:45 am
cutting your hair. i didn't check the date. i hope they will be okay. basically you have got home remedies, weather proverbs. home remedies stick out to you. >> indeed. we look back and always look forward to things but we found some things folks used to do like gargling with mustard. >> okay. >> soaking a bag in vinegar and putting it over the head. wrapping the head in a snakes skin. >> okay. >> we have a story on snakes in the house. believe it or not, here in dc people have snakes in their home. we found a woman who had mice between her base ceiling an first floor and she was able to get rid of them. >> she used a snake skin to wrap around the head to cure a headache. >> this is in this year's tradition. >> i'm a big believer in proverbs. >> winds from the east good for neither man or beast because prevailing winds are from the west and of course a change in the weather -- weather is
6:46 am
always best when winds are best. my favorite is the severity of the coming winner may be determined by how far down the feathers grow on a partridges leg. and they are hard to come by. last year briefly for you, for the general area you did have cold and snowy for southeastern virginia but last winter cold and dry, janice, i had a lot of dry at my house. what happened with that prediction? >> i think the artist, his wrist slipped there. >> it is tough because you use historical predictions, sun spot activity with your forecast and they go out 18 months. >> yeah. the sun spots go on 11 year cycles and they have been happening forever. >> for the forecast, right. >> there is a secret formula i hear. >> they won't tell me what it is like kentucky fried chickens 11 herb and spices. look at this year's prediction.
6:47 am
this is for the coming winner from the folks there at the old farmers almanac, cold and snowy for the region. >> not as snowy as last year but we are forecasting cold temperatures almost as soon as as january begins. might see flakes in april but remember april snow stays no longer than water on a trout's back. the only perfect climate is in bed so if you don't like it, don't get up. >> love it. weather is always best when winds are west. it is out now and thank you forking with us and there are a lot of folks that will call and say did you know that they predicted snow on this weekend. we will be looking at it. we use it in the weather center too. great for the moon phases. as far as the weather is concerned, absolutely delightful. we are looking a deficit in rainfall. janice will let us know at some point what we can expect but we are in need.
6:48 am
we are six inches behind. what was a moderate drought for the dc area is now improving for the metro part of the areament but an extreme drought condition is now out west in parts of western maryland and panhandle of west virginia. this is new data now with the extreme heat, the 90-degree stretch of weather. the lack of rainfall. so we had a red flag warning yesterday. that's been lifted. but we are in need of rain. the next three. here you go. breezy and 79. cooler tomorrow. still i think winds northwest with sunshine. and saturday looks good, too. average high 82 -- 81. i think near 80 today. i think we will stay in the 70s. cool, crisp, an autumn term, crisp. you can find that in the almanac, as well. 40s in the suburbs but another gorgeous day. upper 70s as we get to tomorrow. here's the seven-day forecast we need rainfall maybe on
6:49 am
sunday if you have tickets to the cowboys and redskins game, monitor this one. hopefully the rain will get in an our before the game, but it is our only chance for the next seven. then a cold front comes through and provides glorious weather on monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> what do you have for us, angie. major problems are clearing out. i love to report that. looks like as we move our out 355 and montgomery village avenue the accident activity out this way has cleared out of the way. we are still dealing with delays but they are starting to break apart nicely out in this area. move over to the outer loop and show you the slow ride setting in between new hampshire avenue and georgia. looks like plus ten minutes for these drivers right here. inner loop is doing fine, zipping by. 395 northbound, hey, virginia, a slow ride, bumper-to-bumper from the beltway to seminary and that delay is growing. finally before that 95 northbound, looks like your trip is below speed between the
6:50 am
prince william parkway and route 1 woodbridge and once you hit newington making your way though the springfield interchange. let's make our way toward andrea roane. >> thank you, angie. in just a few hours, the secretary of education heads to the foggy bottom neighborhood. he will announce the national blue ribbon schools and within of those schools is dc's school without walls senior high school. it is along g street in northwest. secretary arne duncan will announce other schools this morning alongside mayor fenty and chancellor rhee. metro is rethinking changes to the martrepair card and it could save you money in the end. metro announced last week it would soon no longer allow you to have a negative balance on the card. at the same time it would cut the price of the card in half to $2.50. now metro says it may scrap both ideas. any changes are a few months off. it is 65 degrees here in
6:51 am
northwest washington. an investigation in columbia, maryland. the story is three minutes away. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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less say a deadly fire was intentionally set. the man is accused of killing his wife and intentionally setting her apartment on fire. two women are hospitalized after a car hit them and crashed in to a restaurant. the restaurant was closed at the time. world cup organizers made a stop at fedex field on wednesday. it is a potential site to host soccer games. they are bidding for the 2018 or 2022 event. here's tom sater. >> thank you, dear. we are looking at sunshine all day long today. a cold front, cooler, drier weather. sunrise 6:44 and we will bask in sunshine all day long today.
6:55 am
74 at noon and on the way to a high of 79. you are watching 9 news now. how would i make school a better place?
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get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. 6:58. look at this. do you see the hidden message in this? it reads will you marry me? weeks ago, tommy used lawn fertilizer so the grass would grow thicker an greener to spell out his proposal and the mowed carefully an the letters and brought his girlfriend out to see it and of course she misses it from ground level so he got on one knee and figured it out and of course she said yes. >> cute story. >> okay. so the inner loop, route 4, a disabled truck on the ramp. it is forcing drivers to
6:59 am
squeeze by to the left. meanwhile, the outer loop is delayed from 95 to georgia 15 minutes there for a total drive time. in virginia the inner loop is slow braddock to 86. client and the next stop, 270 southbound it is one crawl from father hurley toe split. a look at the weather. nothing says i love you like being on a track fore. we need rain so the grass can grow. 79 for the high today sunshine, breezy, northwest wind 10 to 15 miles an hour and even cooler tomorrow. the "early show" is next. of course they will have the latest on the flooding in texas and pierce morgan talks about his new role replacing larry king on cnn. the next news is at noon. until then have a great day. see you tomorrow morning at


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